Tips For Effective Dachshund Puppy Teaching

Dachshunds are one of the most lovable breeds in the canine kingdom, reputed for their curiosity, love associated with play and boundless power. They are mischievous and are very capable in getting away with their crazy antics, particularly when they’re young. But they can be extremely loyal and have remained this kind of popular breed because of their several wonderful characteristics. But dachshund lovers who wish to train their beloved friend also encounter a very tough task. Dachshunds are naturally stubborn and therefore are considered as one of the most difficult breeds to teach. As such, dachshund puppy dog training must be carried out using a lot of love, firmness and patience.

Starting dachshund puppy training

When beginning the training, arm yourself with lots of patience, persistence, firmness and above all, like. Keep in mind that your puppy is an pet with different instincts and a different way of assessing things. Your pet needs to be able to look at both you and see a pack leader. If this individual doesn’t, you can be sure that with the dachshund’s take-charge personality, he will attempt (and emerge) the particular dominant dog.

Exercising your puppy

Dachshunds have to be active to help them spend their unwanted energies and you can help all of them do this by taking them to walks. Use a puppy leash to keep them where they need to be. If you prefer, make use of either a harness or a retractable leash to gain more handle.

House breaking

Your puppy will have to relieve himself about six times a day. After a food, bring your puppy outside to eliminate but bring him to the area where you’d like him to do it. If he will, give him lots of praise. In case you keep your puppy in a run crate, do the same in the morning and then allow him to play just before his first meal. Do it again the elimination exercise after which place the puppy inside the kennel again.
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About an hour later, provide him out to eliminate. He will learn over time that he should do his business when removed.

Do not force the puppy dog to eliminate, though. If he or she doesn’t just bring him back in, wait a while after which bring him back again. Repeat this process until he is housebroken. The process holds true even regarding newspaper training indoors.

Dog obedience training

Train your puppy using brief sessions of 10 to 15 a few minutes but do it frequently, state 2 to 3 times each day. Generally reinforce good behavior with praise or treats and become firm about bad behavior. In time, with this dachshund pup training your dog will learn all the positive behaviors you want it to acquire.

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