Using Web Tracking to Get Better Results From Your Website

Web tracking is the act of monitoring website activity and changes over a period of time. The purpose of web tracking is to analyze the performance of your website and to determine whether the intended objectives are being achieved to the predicted degree.

Analyzing the performance of your website by web tracking provides the required input to optimize your site for better results and attract targeted traffic in the required numbers. It also helps you understand customer behavior, how they access your business information and how many of them actually converted from being mere visitors to actual or potential customers.

The system is used by search engine optimization experts to gain information about the weak links in the site which can be used to improve key areas of the site and attract better quality traffic for better growth prospects.

It is usually achieved through onsite as well as offsite analytics. Off site web analytics is used to identify the potential prospects and the interest the website generates based on overall parameters of the internet. On site tracking reveals the performance of the website in a commercial context.
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Results are compared taking into consideration some major performance parameters such as the number of visitors, the time that they spent on a particular page of the site, the number of programs they have clicked on and other such information.

It also provides important information about the marketing side of a website. This includes identification of the preferred pages; the type of content used on the pages to attract potential buyers, banners as well as providing crucial information about the most effective call to action on the website that produces maximum results.

Web tracking or web analytics can be effectively used to strengthen marketing initiatives, improve the efficiency and the performance of various web related tools and create higher conversion rates to improve overall performance and of course, profitability. There are a number of web tracking tools and web analytical services available to help you optimize your webpage and attract better quality traffic. There are free as well as paid analytics tools such as AWStats, eLogic, ShinyStat and SiteMeter but Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most popular analytics package available for individual as well as corporate website owners.

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