Masterful Copywriting for Facebook Ads

Writing effective ad copy for your Facebook ads is more important than most advertisers think. First, your ad needs to pass the Facebook review process, which monitors ad content to conform to their ever-evolving guidelines. And, once it’s approved, you want to be certain it’s going be effective in reaching your desired goal. Here are 3 things you can do to ensure success with your ad’s copy:

1. Make Sure Your Message is Clear and Concise

When you write your Facebook ad, make sure that your message answers at lest one of these questions (more is better):

a. What is the ad about?

b. Who is the ad intended to reach?

c. What does the ad want the reader to do?

Say, for example, that your ad is aiming to bring more awareness to your brand.
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By relating your brand’s image to the readers and how it can help them, you are addressing two of the above questions in one shot, because you acknowledge something about the reader’s needs while explaining something about your brand.

2. Include a Strong Call to Action

When you create your Facebook ad, you’ll be shortchanging your results if you don’t include a strong call to action. A call to action might include simple phrases like “click here,” “buy now,” or “discover more.” Your call to action will typically need to be short and sweet, particularly if you are running a right side ad in Facebook. Newsfeed ads will actually give you the option to include a call to action button inside your ad.

3. Don’t Publish Copy Without Another Set of Eyes

This is especially important if you are new to writing Facebook ad copy, but would certainly be a good idea for anyone. Not only will an editor (formal or informal) ensure that your ad runs without any grammar or spelling errors, but they’ll also help you be certain that your ad copy makes sense. Another set of eyes on your ad will help you avoid publishing ads that will inherently fail.

Creating successful ad copy doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So take the time to do some research, taking note of other ads that you want to emulate as you are creating your own ads. And, if you are ever in doubt, it might be worth the investment to engage a professional firm or consultant to help you get your first few campaigns up and running. Finally, you can always use Facebook’s own detailed help section to learn the do’s, don’ts, and best practices of Facebook advertising.

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