All About Airsoft Gun Accessories – Part 2

If you play a lot of close quarters battle then you might want to consider adding a foregrip to your airsoft rifle. This will allow you to move the gun around easier and keep it more stable in smaller areas. Foregrips can be either collapsible or fixed. I prefer to have a collapsible one for transitioning between outdoor and CQB.

Another way to add stability to your airsoft gun is to add a bi-pod to it. Bi-pods are primarily used on airsoft sniper rifles. Snipers need to be able steady their gun as much as possible as they are shooting at a long distance. Snipers usually are seated or laying down while shooting as to stay low and well hidden from the enemy.
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Bi-pods can be adjustable in height and position. They can also fold up for transportation.

A tactical strap for you airsoft rifle is important to have if you carry multiple guns and grenades. You don’t want to laying down your rifle to use your CO2 pistol do you? You need to be able to switch from the rifle to gun as fast as possible in case your rifle runs out of ammo and there is no time to reload. A sling is also nice for running around and moving a lot. Sling are available in nylon or leather mostly.

In addition to adding scopes, dot sights and lasers to your gun using a rail system, you can also add a grenade launcher. The most common is an M203 grenade launcher. These can mount on many assault rifles such as the M4 or M16. They take a green gas powered grenade that is loaded with 18 to 180 bb’s. With just one trigger pull they all fire at once. With all of these airsoft gun accessories available, your sure to find the right gear for you.

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