JBL MS-8 – Boost Your Car Audio Sound Quality

Are you trying to upgrade your car audio system, but the installation difficulty is holding you off? One of the most challenging factors when upgrading your audio gear is installation due to the technical knowledge involved in the process. However, this issue can be easily solved with the new JBL MS-8 digital sound processor that is capable of optimizing your existing factory or aftermarket sound system.

As a leader in the car audio industry, JBL introduced the MS-8 as a way to improve the sound quality in any vehicle without the need to upgrade any existing equipment. The new unit created a lot of buzz among car enthusiasts and many expected it to revolutionize the audio technology. If you are wondering what makes the MS-8 too powerful, let’s dive into some of the features and technologies this unit has.

Custom DSP Chip for sound optimization:
The DSP chip is considered to be the heart of the MS-8 due to the important functions this chip is capable of doing. The chip is responsible for capturing every sound characteristic such as bass response, frequency, clarity, stereo imaging. Once measured, it will perform timely calculations to send the perfect combination that will make the sound highly tuned.

The DSP chip that included in the MS-8 digital sound processor will also take into consideration the vehicle interior space and optimizes the sound accordingly. This can be achieved by a very complicated algorithm that calculates the car’s existing electronics needs and interior characteristics to ensure maximum enjoyment for passengers in the front and back seats.

Logic 7 Technology:
Getting clear sound is very important, but it’s not enough for those that are serious about their car’s sound. JBL took it a step further and decided to implement the Logic 7 technology where it ensures a home theater like experience. This stage is so vital because it makes music sound more believable and real no matter where you sit. This will feel as if you have a VIP ticket to your favorite concert.
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Customization capability:
Once installed, the MS-8 will start optimizing your car’s sound automatically. However, you have the full flexibility to customize the sound and overriding the existing settings. Adjusting the sound to fit your personal taste is breeze with the MS-8. With a 31-band equalizer, you will be able to perfectly tune your sound in seconds. You can save up to 5 customized settings and can be easily retreated whenever you want.

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