Propose Marriage on Valentine’s Day

Ahh what can be more romantic than Valentine’s Day? It is the known all around the world as the day of love. Wouldn’t Valentine’s Day be the perfect day to propose marriage to your sweetheart? It certainly might be. To determine if Valentine’s Day is a good day for you to pop the question, consider the following:

Does she love Valentine’s Day? Does she get all excited about it and relish in the thought of being showered with love on this special day? If she loves this holiday then it might be a good idea.

Does she mind being proposed to on such a predictable day? Valentine’s Day is the most common day to propose and it also a day when you might expect a proposal. If she would find something like that romantic, go for it. If she is the kind of person that wants to be different than everyone else, wait for another time.

Are you rushing to propose on Valentine’s Day? Sometimes people want to propose on Valentine’s Day so badly that they rush the proposal. I am certain she would rather have a well thought out and amazing proposal a month later than a rushed proposal on Valentine’s Day.

If you decide that Valentine’s Day is the ideal time for you to propose, here are some ideas on how to do it.

Since February is cold, consider a proposal involving snow. You could take her to a nice ski resort and ask for her hand in marriage there. The possibilities are endless at a ski resort; in front of the fireplace in your room, written in the snow, in the beautiful lodge while sipping champagne.

Surprise her with a couples cooking class! She will be impressed at your willingness to do something so domesticated. Incorporate the proposal at the end of the event.

Has she always wanted you to learn to salsa dance? Take her for a private lesson at a studio. Work it out with the owners ahead of time and after the lesson have something romantic set up with candles and flowers and propose during a slow dance.

If you really want to make this proposal as romantic and unique as possible, hire a Marriage Proposal Planner. You probably didn’t even know they exist but they do and they can be extremely helpful when planning a marriage proposal. They can help you come up with the idea only, or go on to plan the whole event. With 80% of women being unsatisfied with their proposal, it is a good investment.

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