Hong Kong – Cultural Scenario and Function Ethics

Lately taken under the fold by the Chinese language government, Hong Kong is a densely inhabited island, with a westernized outlook, Chinese roots and tradition. The enchanting amalgamation of Chinese traditions plus British outlook has shaped a modern, westernized capital economy with a multi cultural ethos. Referring to its past glories and recent return to Chinese language sovereignty, understanding the ethos and lifestyle of Hong Kong becomes imperative whenever you plan to move to Hong Kong or are planning on working there.

Cultural History of Hk

After the defeat of China during the Opium War, Britain got Hong Kong as a colony to rule over for the next 99 years. It had been in 1898 that the lease was signed and China got back the particular sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997. However , it was put into the contract that Hong Kong would be able to maintain a free economy for the next 50 yrs and so, Hong Kong gained the position of ‘Special Administrative region’. The special status endowed by China has lead to a very open import and export policies with only 15% taxation limits. The perfect mix associated with ancient Chinese traditions and the overlay of western British influence from the last 99 years have provided the people of Hong Kong, a different cast and separate identity. The influx of people over the years has earned Hk the tag of a global town.

Work and Emerging Changes

Most of the service industries deal in telecommunication, insurance, banking, real estate and travel and leisure. Tourism in Hong Kong has gained a lot of world wide attention, especially because it is known as the ‘Movie Capital associated with Asia’. Despite being under the Uk influence, Hong Kong has been able to carve a separate identity and the changeover along with sovereignty to China has been simple. The corporate culture is an amalgamation of people working from all over the world, and the combining cultures have made the well well-informed working class with an international marketplace savvy business culture in Hong Kong fast growing. However , with transforming times, expatriates looking for work in Tiongkok need to have language proficiency in Cantonese and Mandarin with a high level associated with experience in their fields.

The constant immigration of people has enabled to make Hk to become cosmopolitan, well adapt to make expatriates feel at home. The unique ethnic ethos at the workplace has brought in regards to a multi ethnic society where people of different nationalities live and interact for a common goal. Though it is often subjected to intense political and financial changes, during the recent years, it has was able to remain a global city, with growing markets–in real estate, tourism and a booming service industry. High end medical amenities have given rise to a brand new service industry of medical tourism.

Real Estate

As Hong Kong strengthens the economy, the demand for each residential and commercial spaces for buying and on rent, is on the rise. Since it has become one of preferred base for multi national companies in Asian countries, the demand to house the growing expatriate employees is on the rise.
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Apart from that the local population and better for each capita income has given increase for increased real estate investment. Even after real estate recession ended in 2003, the prices are still undervalued making Hong Kong a sought after destination by overseas investors, with a bright future ahead. Speedy progress in the Tourism industry plus projection of Hong Kong as an global travel destination has indirectly helped real estate development in the country.

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