Selecting the most appropriate Diamond Ring

Deciding on the best diamond ring has always been a major headache for all guys since somebody decided to put this sparkling object on a metal ring and suggest it to be a ‘must-have’ for all marriage proceedings. What has become a matter of fact is that this thing has become a symbol of endless love. Hence, purchasing it has become inevitable for any individual moving on through singlehood to marriagehood. Since it is usually impossible to hide away from this truth (unless your personal goal is to be a lengthy life bachelor! ), it is important to understand some of the factors that should be considered before buying the ring.
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Type of Ring

Generally, there are at least two different types of rings. One is the engagement ring, which is the one that is used for wedding proposals and the other which is the wedding ring, that has to be worn ‘at-all-times’ after the real wedding proceedings. The major difference together is basically the emphasis of the diamond in the design. For practical reasons, your engagement ring should be able to shine so brightly in the moonlight that your woman would never refuse your proposal. Hence, engagement rings are designed so that the gemstone is clearly defined on the ring. Fundamental engagement ring designs include solitaire bands and three stone rings.

The wedding ceremony ring is to be worn most of the time through out the marriage and would be exposed frequently to wear and tear. Therefore , these types of rings have simpler designs and also have diamonds embedded in the ring instead. By understanding the type of ring you wish to buy, your efforts can now be focussed upon that particular range. It is also important to remember that the element of surprise should always be reserved for the engagement ring, hence making it the more difficult ring to get.

Know what she wants

Before getting to know what your lady might like, it is essential for you to get familiarized with the 4Cs of the diamond. The 4C’s stand for cut, clearness, carat, and color of the gemstone. These four characteristics of the gemstone are used to gauge the quality and hence the price of the diamond. The definitions of the 4Cs will also aid you in getting what you want as you would be using the terminologies that your jeweler would understand.

The next phase is to understand her preferences! She will ultimately be the “certified gemologist” and will possess a different set of qualities that the girl likes and wants to have on her behalf diamond ring. Get to know her favourite section of the diamond and her preference so you would not miss these qualities out! For example , she might prefer a bigger diamond than one with great clarity or a certain shape or even color. But you would be in terrible danger if she wants the largest colorless round shaped diamond in the shop!

The ring band is also an important aspect. Depending on its color and the material it is made of, it will help provide a good contrast or illusion. For example , in the case of a slightly yellow color diamond on a gold band setting, nobody would be able to notice the yellow-colored on the diamond! Of course , there is also the other quality of the ring band which should be considered, that is the durability or firmness.

What she prefers might not be the best diamond ring. This is because depending on the size associated with her hand and fingers, specific diamonds would look nice while others would certainly look unsuitable for her. As a general guide, a ring with a gemstone of less than 1 . 5carat on a hand with small and small fingers would be obvious and attractive while anything bigger than that would get rid of the elegance.

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