Manufacturer Review – TENGA

Sex is so wonderful, and yet the drama that accompanies sex is sometimes too much to bear! Toy manufacturing companies have heard your complaint and that’s why we now have Tenga—the no baggage, no headache, and no strings attached sex toy.

This sex toy offers lip service and squeeze service, and is made for men who want to experience the intensity of intercourse and oral sex. Best of all, you won’t even get in trouble with your wife! (Unless of course you fall in love with your Tenga, and that we can’t really help you with).

The Tenga Company, based in Japan and now with offices in several other countries, started in 2006 with two toy models in two different sizes. These toys were disposable masturbation toys that were markets as “onacups.” (“Onani” means masturbation in Japanese). Since its humble beginnings, Tenga has blossomed and taken Australia and the world by storm, now providing a great range of products including the Tenga Egg, the Tenga Flip Hole, and the Tenga Flip Lites (Coming soon to Peaches and Screams).

Fun with Your Tenga

Tenga products are all male masturbation devices, similar to male sleeve toys, but without the usual motor or pump technology that accelerates the price and gives the toy a mechanical feel. The Tenga eggs are the cheapest and smallest selection among the line-up. The egg is very discreet, stretches easily, and comes with lubricant. There are currently six types of eggs, and they each provide a different sensation: twister, silky, stepper, wavy, clicker and spider. You insert yourself into the egg, cap it and then stretch it out like a condom and enjoy!

The Flip Hole toy is one step above the Tenga Egg, and has a hi-tech interior surface, the likes of which most sleeves cannot duplicate. Coming in both Black and White versions, each with their own interior patterns and sensations, the Flip Hole interior is made from elastomer and silicone, keeping it extra soft and accommodating. Every centimetre of this toy serves a purpose, making it one of the most realistic simulation toys in the world market. Some have even found it more pleasurable than the real thing. Sorry ladies! If you liked this article and you would like to be given more info pertaining to Metal Butt Plugs nicely visit our own internet site.

The Tenga Cup range offers great control over the experience, letting users decide what particular position and sensation they would like to experience/simulate. Whether it be the Deep Throat Cup for super simulation of oral sex, to the Soft Tube cup for more sensual sensations Tenga has an onacup to suit your mood. The various cups also often come in soft, normal and hard textures, so there’s even more versatility as to what you want to experience.

Tenga’s Unique Selling Proposition

Tenga’s approach to sex toys is indeed unique. The company advertises its products as “safe sex”, without unfavourable consequences like STDs and relationship drama. Indeed, Tenga is the one partner you can have sex with, use and abuse and dump the next day without any regret!

Already the most popular male sex toy range in Japan, Tenga are taking the Aussie male sex toy scene by storm and with good reason. With exciting new Tenga products soon to hit our shores, Japanese technology has never felt so good. Things are certainly looking “up”!

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