The Woes Of Android Gamers

Although there is a flood of users and it has reached the enviable position tailed by the voluminous satisfied customers and ripples in the innovation as well as a cellular gaming world, the path of Android Game Development is not all comfy and rosy. It is grappling within dark with uncertainty and worry that this hard earned and deviously developed bubble might burst. This is not the vain attempt to write the obituary of Android, but it’s an honest and scholarly attempt to light up certain dark areas in the room of this Google OS which are largely unfamiliar to many.

A) Low In App Revenue:

The numbers clearly indicate that will Android is comprehensively beating the particular IOS and other operating systems, but little deeper insight reveals the painful truth. Android users are moderately using their pockets when it comes to paying for a good app. Total game revenue to get Android is 20%, whereas the IOS’s contribution was about 74%. Thus the major game creators are normally eying Apple users who have shown great spending potential.

B) Subordinate OS:

As explained above, the truly great spending power of the users coupled with the brand name Apple is the prima reason why developers want to launch their particular games on IOS first and on the Android. Indeed, Apple is a proven marketplace which is giving Google android the status of the secondary or even deputy OS.

C) Diverse Platforms:

Though many doubts whether it is really a problem, but quite understandably, from the complex task to develop high end games for 4000 platforms. Currently, Google android runs on more than 4000 mobile models with different hardware set episodes. It is frustrating to see that certain THREE DIMENSIONAL or extremely graphic heavy games just don’t run on these phones.

D) Piracy:

This is the Achilles heel which has now become a chronic disease. If Butterscotch studio has to be believed, 95% of the Android version of its Towelfight game is pirated. The fascinating thing is, only 5% from the Apple games are illegally lifted. Waked by this unpleasant alarm, Google is now implementing some serious measures to battle the piracy by enabling developers to shut down the games which have been acquired illegally, yet it’s the hardest cat to bell
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