Equipment for the micro welding process

As micro welding is done on a minute scale so it needs special equipment and machines. The micro welder should have proper skills of using all that equipment. The success of the process completely depends on the efforts made by the welder. Some of the necessary equipment required for this process is:

• A micro welder needs minute wires foe welding having a diameter of 0.005 mm. this is an extremely precise process so some of the precise machines should be available to work on.
• As this process is done miniature scale so a welder needs a microscope to perform this welding. The expert micro welder maintains the amount of the heat needed for the process.
• The welders also need some miniature tools to place the filler metal properly where required. These tools provide the utmost precision needed in the process.

Types of micro welding

The micro welding is now done by many methods. For instance, the application of pressure, electrostatics, and ultrasonic, etc. The types of micro welding are as follows:

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Micro laser welding

This micro welding is performed by laser. The laser is in the solid-state. Many automated programmable machines are used in this process. These machines are used to perform a precise process. This micro laser welding provides the best quality joints. The laser in micro welding ensures the deep welding process due to its penetration power. This technique needs no pressure. There is no need for a vacuum chamber for laser micro welding. The laser can travel through the air easily. This technique is very useful as it does not produce any gas that can contaminate the environment. There is no need to use shielding gas for laser micro welding. This method can be used for the welding of the highly reactive metals also.

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