Motivating and Rewarding Your Web Outsource Staff

When you have reached the point where a regular, routine a part of your business has been totally outsourced, and you are dealing with the same web outsource individuals over and over again then – just as you will with in-house staff – you have to consider how you will motivate and reward your staff to continue working with you.

Why motivate and reward freelancers?

Highly motivated workers create a higher quality of work.
The more your workers feel part of your business, the much more likely they are to meet deadlines.
Your staff members will feel more valued by you therefore will be happier to work overtime, or work extra hours at home.
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Your web outsource staff are usually less likely to be ‘poached’ by other people offering them more money.
If your staff members are happy working for you despite you paying them a little less, you may not need to increase ‘wages’ to retain them.
What will motivate them?

The best place to begin is to ask yourself – “what kind of things would motivate me to work harder, better and faster? inch Below are some suggestions

Financial Benefits

Bonuses – you could make this economic (pay extra % if function completed early) or hold out the chance of more work if the present project is completed satisfactorily. If a particular promotion that you have been running has been more successful than you anticipated because of the higher quality of work from your web outsource worker then consider providing them a slice of that
If you are selling a particular product that would be of usage to your workers and is easily delivered you could offer free of charge samples, or if it is a more expensive item you can suggest a staff discount. If your product is something they have made this will not really work though! Alternatively if you have an art that they might find useful you could provide that. Setting up a website for an authors personal blogs for example.
You may have the paid membership web site on a niche market of general interest – again you could offer a free membership being a ‘thank you’
Corporate Gifts : if your business offers gifts written with your details (diaries, pens, calendars, golf balls, etc . ) again why don’t offer those to your web outsource staff, depending on where they are situated. What may be perceived as a “bit cheap and tacky” to United states or European minds could well be completely appreciated in so-called poorer nations.
Non-Financial Rewards

There are many ways to make your web outsource workers really feel happier, appreciated and part of a team that do not involved money. Research on employees has shown that will non-financial things can potentially be more encouraging than financial rewards. Some of these motives are so common sense and basic they may be easy to neglect.

Build up a good working relationship with them first
Thank all of them for doing a good job, if which is appropriate. Email communication tends to be void of the politeness and small look at direct conversation. Often emails are generally either negative (i. e. the complaint) or neutral (a request to have something done or question). If you are especially pleased with what somebody has done for you, a phone call in order to thank them is much more personal.
Once you learn your web outsource service providers good enough and have discussed more personal items (their family and themselves) then make a note of their birthday or spouses birthday. Just as a normal workplace might put on morning tea for a birthday, commemorate by send them an e-card, they will be delighted.
Ask about their children, many people love to talk about their children. If they have mentioned earlier on to you that for example , their child is usually starting school next week, then ask how it went. This implies that you see them as more than just an amount, or an email contact on the other side from the world
Be aware of cultural and religious differences. If you are dealing with people within India, the chances are they will possibly be Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. Find out when their religious celebrations or holidays are, if they are Hindu it is a nice gesture to want them “Happy Diwali”, likewise if they happen to be Muslim a “Happy Eid” message at the end of the Ramadan fasting time period will always be appreciated. If you have outsourced to the people in the United States send ‘Happy Fourth associated with July’ and ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ messages.
It may seem odd or a bit of a hassle at first, but if you can build strong interpersonal relationships with your web delegate staff, just as you would with your clients, then everybody benefits.

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