Greatest Sources of Information on Paid Online Surveys

On-line paid surveys are an interesting way to make money online, and they can produce very good supplemental income. But it is hard to find out how to do this. It is hard also to find good information on paid online surveys.

The Internet contains large amount of claims, counterclaims and Ads all loudly hawking their items, pushing their own version of the truth. Some people make money, others, sadly never. So how does one sort it all out? Where are the best sources of information on Paid Online Surveys?

The first step in sorting it out is to “follow the money. ” When you understand how people are obtaining paid it puts a much clearer perspective on what they advocate, state and promote.
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The source of all of the profit paid online surveys is big businesses that need to know consumer opinions plus preferences. They need this info to develop and improve their products, to measure consumer awareness, to test the effectiveness of their own advertising and fill a long list of some other market research needs.

The big companies payment market research organizations to get the info for them. Many surveys are used.

Typically, an is made, a budget is established and the market research organization, usually through a contractor survey maker, gets the survey made, then tabulates and analyzes the results.

The budget portion that goes to the study maker contains the money for the study participants, but it is up to the study maker to decide how to allocate this. Some (about 20%) set out a good cut for the participants and pay them in cash. Others attempt to get participants “on the cheap” to keep more of the budget for themselves.

The survey makers are a diverse group, each competing with all of the others. There is no coordination and it is confusing for a brand new survey participant to find his way around. This has given rise to a number of paid survey sites who find and orient new participants to get them started off.

There are two ways these paid survey sites can get paid:

1 . They can charge new survey participants a membership fee to get entry to the list of good survey makers they maintain.

2 . They can collect prospecting fees from survey makers who need new participants on their lists.

The survey makers that pay within cash tend to keep their exact same participants, have low turnover, plus generally do NOT pay recruiting charges.

The survey makers who really don’t pay in cash (just claim to and use smoke and decorative mirrors to hide the truth) lose individuals rapidly, have high turnover, and must pay recruiters to find them new volunteers.

Understanding that, you can obviously see that the so-called “free” sites are being paid by the low-pay/no-pay survey makers to recruit for them.

The great paid survey sites that charge a regular membership fees are getting paid by the brand new survey participants to guide them, so they try to steer their clients towards the survey makers that pay.

The not-so-good and bad paid survey sites either do a sloppy job associated with maintaining and updating their lists of survey makers, or are “double-dipping”, trying to get paid by their customers AND by the survey makers!

So your best information on paid online surveys will probably come from the good paid survey membership sites.

To find a good one, look for a SOLID 60-90 day money-back guarantee backed by a bank or financial business. Within those that have such a guarantee, search for a low (3-6%) refund rate. Avoid any with a refund rate that is either unknown (means high) or is as high as 9-10%.

The past clients of these paid survey sites think which ones are good through the refund price. A low refund rate means that these past clients were satisfied, they got good service, which means that they will got paid by the survey manufacturers on the site’s list. A high repayment rate means unhappy clients demanding refunds.

So in reality, the best sources of information on paid online surveys are the past clients of paid survey membership sites. They give this information, rating the quality of the site, by accepting the services provided and doing nothing, or rejecting bad service and useless (or worse) info and demanding refunds.

Most we have to do is to look at the repayment rates of these paid survey sites to find out whether they are a good source of information on paid online surveys or not.

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