Details of Car Rental Insurance

Whether or not renting a car for business or even for pleasure, the last thing anybody would like to have to worry about paying for damages to a rental vehicle should it happen. Because of this, there is car insurance to cover drivers who are operating a rental vehicle. Many people choose out of purchasing car insurance because they really feel it is an unnecessary expense. The truth is, without car insurance a person could be responsible for a lot more money than what the cost of car insurance would be if he or she were to maintain damage to a rental vehicle.

A common misunderstanding among many people who rent a vehicle is that their personal auto insurance policy will cover them for rental vehicles as well. This is not always the case. A few personal auto insurance plans will cover a driver when he or she rents a vehicle but this is not the norm. A person must always consult his or her insurance policy or speak to his or her insurance agent to help determine if carrental are covered on the personal car insurance policy. If rental vehicles are certainly not covered by the personal auto insurance policy, then the renter has a responsibility to secure leasing insurance.

Car insurance can be purchased directly from the particular rental company. Many rental companies offer different insurance coverage plans to fulfill the individual needs of the renter. The vehicle rental insurance premium is determined by a daily rate and in some cases the weekly rate if a person is planning an extended rental period. The premium amount is added to the particular rental fees and paid for all in all. A renter would have to opt for and buy car rental insurance at the time of rental. It cannot be added at a later time. This alleviates the possibility of insurance fraud.
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Purchasing auto insurance is not always necessary when hiring a vehicle. Some major credit card companies provide cardholders perks such as car rental insurance policy just for being a member. To be entitled to car rental insurance through a credit card organization, that exact card will have to be used to secure the rental. Not all credit card issuers offer this perk to the members. A person should always call and consult with an agent from his or her bank card company to determine if he or she has this coverage and what the eligibility requirements are to take advantage of this benefit.

Despite the concerns of many individuals, auto insurance is a solid investment. The cost for car rental insurance is far in comparison to the costs a person would endure if she or he would have to pay for damages out of pocket. Car rental companies always offer carrental insurance as an option at the time of leasing. Some people may qualify for coverage either through their personal auto insurance or by means of their credit card company. They should always consult their insurance agent or charge card company to ensure they have coverage.

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